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Cold Weather Gear

As the weather starts to change, we need to start thinking about what to wear in the winter to stay warm. Even if I secure an indoor location (fingers crossed!), I will continue to run outdoor classes to some extent. I have all sorts of fun winter activities planned- build a snowman for time, sled drags, etc. As someone who is ALWAYS cold, I have tested out pretty much everything out there, and these are my favorites.

Under Armour Cold Gear. This shit will keep you warm. I use the 4.0, but most of you will probably be ok with the 3.0 for general NYC conditions. When it is really cold (single digits), I wear a thin layer under this, so I size up. I am usually a size small, but I buy these in medium so I can add a layer underneath if needed. Also, check Amazon for these products- they often have better pricing for the same gear.

If it is super cold, I suggest wearing a thin layer from Nike that you can put under the UA coldgear.

You need a buff to keep your face and neck warm. I have about 15 of these, in all different patterns and weights. The fleece lined ones are amazing if it is super cold outside. The mid weight ones are great for almost all general conditions. The original buff, which is pretty thin, is good for spring conditions but I find it to be not enough in cold weather. Bonus: these double as a mask!!!

If you get cold feet, I suggest buying a few pairs of smartwool socks. I have these in every length and weight that they make. While you're at it, browse for base layers. They have pretty good cold weather gear that might appeal to you more than Under Armour:

You will definitely need gloves. There are lots of options here. If it isn't super cold, just a glove liner or wool glove is fine. If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you will probably want a real glove. In case you don't have these already, I suggest going to my favorite website for discounted winter gear, the house board shop. Search for gloves, and you should be able to find a variety of both liners and gloves. You will also need a beanie, and this is the best website to use for discounted prices:

If you want the best quality gloves/mittens that I have come across, I suggest buying a pair from Hestra. They are expensive, but last forever and are super warm. I also suggest searching Amazon and Backcountry for these as they might have better pricing.

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