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I don't believe in crash diets or elimination dieting.  I work with my clients to make small, incremental changes that can be sustained for a lifetime.  I believe that eating should be enjoyable, assist your performance, and support your health.  

Everyone wants to look a certain way, including me!  I have been on every diet there is and I have always competed in sports where I have to weigh a certain amount.  What I have discovered from years of dieting, is that I feel the best mentally and physically when I focus on eating to support my performance rather than my aesthetics.  

I only sell nutrition packages in 8 week commitments.  Each week, we will sit down for 30 minutes and talk about what is working and not working, and find one small thing that you can commit to and change for the following week.  Together, we will come up with a reasonable menu plan for the week.  Over the course of the 8 weeks, you will learn what a macro is, how to meal prep, and how to fit in all of the foods you love for a balanced, enjoyable diet.  

Recipe examples are posted on my blog

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