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Private Training

My objective for all of my clients is for them to enjoy working out. If you decide to train with me, we will find something that works for you, no matter your abilities or goals.  This might mean a focus on strength training, conditioning, Pilates, or even a combination of all of them.   

I keep a notebook for each client and record the details from each session.  I also offer programming through the app True Coach (must purchase a 10 pack). 

If you can't afford private sessions or you have a friend you would like to work out with, I also offer split sessions.  

Contact me to book or for more information.

Teen Training

I work with teens ages 14 and up.  These sessions include sport-specific training, stability work, and basic strength work.  I want my kids to view this as if they are going to practice, not forced exercise.  Developing strength at an early age is important for health, but more importantly builds confidence when kids are at a fragile stage in life.  

Contact me to book or for more information.  Group sessions available as well, parents are always welcome to join the session or observe.

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