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Coaching Program

This is a functional anatomy program for individuals that are interested in becoming a CrossFit coach, or coaches/private trainers looking to expand their knowledge base.  

Most coaches and trainers are able to spot errors in movement, but do not understand why that error is being made and do not understand any of the cues they are giving.  For example, "knees out" is a cue commonly given for squatting.  That's fine, but why are the knees caving in?  Did the athlete press their knees out, but the inside of their feet lifted? They did not improve their squat.  Is there a better or different cue the coach can give?

We study basic anatomy and physiology to gain an understanding of how the body works.  More importantly, we then apply it to actual movement.  

This is an 8 week program taught by Sara with assistance from Mike Castaldy.  We meet on Sundays for 2-3 hours at a private studio.

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