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Week of May 13th

Monday, May 13th- Overhead

A. Push Press


*start at 70% of heavy single from 4/5/24

B. Tabata Battle Ropes

C. Tabata Side Plank

D. Tabata Double Unders

Tuesday, May 14th

6am-12pm: Open Gym

12pm: PUMP

A1. Bench Press


*compare to 4/30/24

A2. Gorilla Rows

5x12 (6/arm)

B. 24 min alternating EMOM

  1. 5-8 ring dips

  2. 8-10 ring rows

  3. 10 barbell bicep curls

  4. 10 barbell skull crushers

C. Barbell Forearm Twisters

3 each direction

Wednesday, May 15th- Back Squat Cycle Day 24

A. Back Squat

5x5 or 5x3 or 5x1

*compare to 5/6/24

B. 21-15-9

Wall Balls

Box Jumps

Thursday, May 16th

7am-12pm: Open Gym

12pm: Mobility/Stability

Friday, May 17th- Endurance

With A Partner

3x Each:

P1- Run a lap around the block


3 strict pull-ups

6 burpees

9 plate G2O

12 goblet reverse lunges (6/leg, alternating)

*pick up where your partner left off

Saturday, May 18th

9am- Olympic Lifting

A. Muscle Clean + Front Squat + Push Press

5x (1+1+1)

B. Power Clean + Push Jerk

5x (2+1)

C. Power Clean + Clean + Jerk

5x (1+1+1)

10am- Mobility/Stability

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