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Week of June 24th

Monday, June 24th- Endurance

This workout was designed by the 12pm class- you can thank them ;)

25 min AMRAP:

1 Beastmaker

3 strict pull-ups

6 ring dips/HR push-ups

9 box jumps

12 jumping lunges

Tuesday, June 25th

6am-12pm: Open Gym

12pm: PUMP

A. 10-9-8...1

Dual DB Bench Press

Dual KB Row

B. 10-9-8...1


Ring Rows

C. 10-9-8...1

Barbell Curls

Barbell Skull Crushers

D. 10-9-8...1

Weighted Hanging Knee Raises

Strict Sit-ups

Wednesday, June 25th- Back Squat Cycle Day 28

A. Back Squat

*compare to 6/17/24

B. 4x:

250m row sprint

2:1 rest:work

Thursday, June 26th

7am-12pm: Open Gym

12pm: Mobility/Stability

Friday, June 27th- Overhead

A. Strict Press


B. 12 min Alternating EMOM:

odd- 3 push press

even- 15 American kb swings

Saturday, June 28th

9am- Olympic Lifting

A. Muscle Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk

5x (1+1+!)

B. Strict Press in Split


C. Jerk


D. Clean + Jerk

5x (1+2)

10am- Mobility/Stability

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