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Monday, October 12th


Since the weather calls for it to be cold, rainy, AND windy there will be no outdoor classes. I am hosting a zoom class at 7:30am for a suggested $10 fee. We will do drop Bulgarian split squats, elevator push ups, and squat static holds. Conditioning will be no push up burpees, sit ups, and pistols/shrimp squats. All you need is a chair. The zoom ID is 905-153-7360

The 12pm kettlebell class will move to an indoor fitness class. We will do a kettlebell piece, then conditioning will be rowing and barbell push press. Masks will be required and class is capped at 10 people. Sign up online or email me for more information.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLIN!!!!!!! Love you and so happy you are a part of Sara Carr Fitness.

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